martes, 6 de julio de 2010


URBE it` s located in the northerm of the city in the Guajira avenue in front of the "Plaza de Toros"

Most of my classes are in the block F and I like because it`s could in the hallways and there is a large terrace where you can see the whole university!

My neighborhood

My neighborhood it`s very convenient because around it we have a pharmacy, a bakery, a mechanical workstop and the famous Stationery Ramirez!!!!.

My neigborhood don`t have green areas and trees, and not buildings.

Activities for do..!

I go to the orthodontist every month. Sometimes my mom tell me: " sirly go to cancel the phone bill". I dont go to the bank because it``s very tired, I like get cash from ATM :)
The sexy players They are David Villa, Fernando Torres y Pique they play in the Spanish team, Kaka the Brasil team and Lionel Messi the team Argentinean. I think this guys are soo beautiful. I love the celebrations of this sport because everyone joins.!

sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

they are my friends from high
school with them I live the best 6 years
of mylife I love them so much we keep in contact
and sometimes we see and
remember all the crazy things we did together!

they are my best friends of the university they are so crazy but very smart a few months a go we travel to Merida and we had a great time !!!I love these girls!

My favorite food is seafood I like fish and shrimp. I always go to the restaurant katamaran because the food is delicios!!!
I invit you to visit this place

sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010

people in my life!!!

This is my Family

in the first photo: they are my mom and my sister
in the second photo: they are my brother his wife and my niece
in the third photo: they are my grandmoom my niece and my cousin

I love my family